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Main Features

As experts in our field, our aim is to help enterprises of all sizes deliver maximum performance with the lowest possible impact on the environment and best impact on the bottom line.


Energy calculations

Total operational energy is calculated based on a number of factors including existing server models, utilization rates, networking/storage proportions of IT energy, and PUE (if mechanical and electrical equipment details are not available).


Energy efficiency

Server energy efficiency is based on Machine Learning models trained with the entire SPECpower result set plus thousands of hours of additional benchmarking. Performance is measured in SSJ_ops (Server Side javascript operations per second) which is an ideal measurement for defined transactional operations.


Scope 2 Carbon Footprint

Use phase carbon is estimated for each site depending on the latest C02 emission intensity of the country and region where it is located.


Refresh recommendations

Over 700+ configured models are analyzed to provide data centers with the optimal server models tailored to their infrastructure and workload needs. Potential energy savings, cost savings, scope 2 and scope 3 carbon emission savings are all reported to facilitate the decison-making process.


ROI/TCO Analysis

Operational cost forecasts can be presented for anywhere from 1-10 year assessment periods. Electricity, maintenance, repair, licencing and space/rack cost can all be factored in the calculations.


Buy back quotes

When instructed, server buy back quotes will be quoted by a leading decommisioning team and the resell value will be included in the refresh scenarios.


Decommissioning and replacement opportunities

Efficiency scores for each server configuration in the estate are included in the report. This provides you the ability to identify the worst performers and the configurations having the highest impact on carbon and electricity.


Scope 3 Carbon Footprint

Embodied carbon is also included for servers. Options to choose refurbished equipment or resell existing servers provides reduced Scope 3 impact detailed in the report.


Consolidation/Capacity Planning

Refresh scenarios often result in considerable ability to reduce estate size. On average we see a possible reduction of around 50-70%.

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