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Our Partners

The SirviS Interact Partner Community is a constantly growing global network of companies who resell and utilize our platform to deliver leading world-class Data Center assessment services and sustainability solutions to their clients.

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Why should I become a SirviS Interact Partner?

We empower our Partners to resell and use a ‘first of its kind’ machine learning SaaS-based software tool. The software provides detailed output that is an enabler to drive valuable and unique service offerings that focus on detailed, accurate assessment of Data Center server Infrastructures, delivering optimum solutions for cost, energy reduction, and carbon savings. Interact addresses the sustainability and circular economy directives that many businesses now need to address



SirviS Interact Partner Community

The Interact Partner Community delivers everything you need to:

  • Innovate with our technology

  • Grow your business and help your customers

  • Connect with the Interact Partner Community

Take the next step and join the Interact Partner Program today!

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Partner Categories

No matter your industry or background, there's a SirviS Interact partner category that's right for you. Every partner gets access to the Partner Community, where you can engage with Industry experts and learn to build a service offering that will help grow your business and add value to your customers. Whatever partnership you wish to establish with Interact you we will engage in an Executive briefing to ensure that you have everything you need to ensure successful initiation.

If you would like to understand more about Interact and how to partner with us, please contact us!


Referral Partners

Referral partners will generate leads and pass prospective opportunities to Interact in return for referral payments. All lead referrals will be registered against the Partner. Usually, the referral payments will be a percentage of revenue from the customer at the point of their initial contract. Referral Partners will receive a generous 10% referral fee on any referred customer’s Data Center Assessment Reporting and/or subscription fees at the point of initial transaction.


Strategic & Technical Partners

Strategic and Technical partnerships involve working together towards common goals or sharing information and integrating technology for the benefit of both partners. Through strategic partnerships with enterprise vendors, system integrators and consultancy organizations they will be able to expand their service offerings to drive additional value to more enterprise customers and connect our tool with the products and services offerings their customers are already consuming.


Sales & Consultancy Partners

Sales / Consultancy partners recommend our product and company to their customers when it makes sense. They will also receive co-marketing support, technical resources, Interact ML software training, implementation support services and receive Partner certifications. Interact’s partner program focuses on providing strong sales and marketing support. We provide access to a partner community, an ongoing series of quarterly webinars, joint sales and marketing materials, and subcontracting engagement to our highest tier partners.

Become a Partner


Become a Partner

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